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Wolfenstein 3-D Cybernetic Assault

2007-07-19 09:10:39 by slug-legend

After getting both Wolfenstein 3-D full version and Flo-edit 2, I can finally begin making a new edition to the Wolfenstein 3-D fan made series. The plot is'nt fully set, but this is just an overview, and it's at a VERY early stage in development. I've been working on it for a few days, and i've only started on level 2 episode 1, so once the level structures are complete, THEN I 'll have to get a Wolfenstein editor to import sprites onto the game *sigh*.

However, the basic story goes...
After the events in SOD, a few months pass and word is that another Nazi party is forming under the strict order of a "man" in a black cloak. B.J (the main character) is sent to investigate the fort (name unsure yet). Anyways, the place is crawling with guards, they must be up to something BIG! So after reaching level 10, you find layout plans for super robot design! You head back to the bottom floor and notice the dead bodies are GONE, and a secret passage leading to the underground sewers!

That's a summary of episodes 1 and part of 2, i'll keep updating. Also, if you have ANY ideas please share them. Also I would GREATLY appreciate it if you did'nt copy my idea, because it's not creative or clever!



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